Why Logarithm?

We will start Logarithm, together we will develop a new blockchain...

In our journey starting by preparing our source codes firstly, we want to create the new blockchain and then develop a blockchain that can be used in our own software and also in local / national / international small and large enterprises.

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Key Features

Logarithm’s mission is simply to bring blockchain technology to everyone’s use.

It is based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea as a secure base, integrating with the developers along with database systems and presenting them on the blockchain base as fast as possible.

Your own blockchain

Just think of a blockchain technology that you can create for yourself …

Developer Friendly

By using Logarithm, you can develop software with the most basic robust infrastructure.

Connect with People

We want to increase the conversion rate of digital money and connect people with Logarithm technology.


The art digital security ensures that your assets are safe with Logarithm.

Instant Action

Logarithm technology is the fastest and least costly transfer process. We think about your comfort with the results of the instant transactions.


We want to move Blockchain technology one step further with Logarithm.

Logarithm Community

To contribute the development of the Logarithm technology, you can visit the community page created with the participation of everyone.

Mobile (Soon...)

We will be offering our end-to-end encrypted mobile application in the near future so that you can use our software base with your Logarithm Tokens.

Logarithm (LGR) Token

Token Address: 0x2eb86e8fc520e0f6bb5d9af08f924fe70558ab89

Token Symbol: LGR

Token Desimals: 8

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We must move together to be better …